Focal Point

An era came to an end, beautification has a new address: Salalah (part 1)

It will take one year to make the Corniche and a part of Hafa Suq, the incense suq ready for a beautification project in order to boost tourism and other commerce. In December last year, families left their houses and find a new home somewhere else in the town. Most of the houses, waiting to be demolished, were built after 1975. At this moment utilities are removed. Soon bulldozers will follow and pull down the houses. Although the atmosphere in the area is like a ghost city, still the empty houses reveal their architectural beauty and the lifestyle of their former owners. Soon their existence is only a memory, kept alive by the owners and families who enjoyed the sound of the sea and their stay on the beach in front of their houses. In this case, the pictures I took, captures a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

18-19 december 2014 electriciteit en water uitgeschakeld (338x450) DSCN9811 (338x450) 4th of january phase 1 Oman Building Company (338x450) DSCN9970 DSCN0228 DSCN0779 DSCN0011 (338x450) DSCN0020 (450x338) DSCN0117 (338x450) DSCN0120 (338x450) DSCN0168 (338x450) DSCN0130 (450x331) DSCN0166 (450x338) DSCN0183 (450x338) DSCN0505 (337x450) DSCN0633 (337x450) DSCN0670 (450x338) DSCN0679 (450x338) DSCN0715 (450x338) DSCN0701 (338x450) DSCN0727 (338x450) DSCN0730 (450x338) DSCN0750 (338x450) DSCN0774 (338x450) DSCN0775 (450x338) DSCN0783 (450x338) DSCN0784 (450x337) DSCN9817 (450x338) DSCN9968 (450x338)





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