Focal Point

A hobby with a message

Yesterday in the Dhofar Photography Society in Salalah, active member ‘Fatima Alawi Al-Hafidh,’who’s photo was on the cover of the catalogue of the First Dhofar Forum of Photography 2014, gave a lecture about ‘Photography, a hobby with a message.’

DSCN0806 (338x450)

A good camera, technical knowledge, computer programs are all needed in making a picture. But the principal remains the eye of the photographer. With ‘the eye’ Fatima refers to the story that the photographer wants to tell to the audience. International examples out of the tourism industry, the world of advertisement, the world of donations, were shown.

DSCN0810 (450x338) DSCN0812 (450x338) DSCN0813 (450x338)

Afterwards the attendees of the lecture discussed the way how they saw their photography in their own immediate environment in Salalah. The conclusion was clear. We need to go into the street, into nature. By the way we look at the themes we want to show, details can make a difference and clarify the message that is behind the picture.

DSCN0798 (338x450)

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