The poetry of waves

Wave surfing along Dahariz beach, Salalah. The past few days we had strong winds. This morning we had strong waves. The sea made it very clear.

A wave is a way in which energy travels from one place to another.” The highest point the wave reaches is called the crest. The lowest point is called the trough. The distance from one crest to the next is the wave length.

Waves only seem to carry water with them; in fact each wave crest sets water particles circling. Enjoy the pictures, they are a little testimony of what I saw.

DSCN0882 (450x333)DSCN0881 (450x338)DSCN0892 (450x338)DSCN0890 (450x337)DSCN0894 (450x338)DSCN0889 (450x337) DSCN0895 (450x337)

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