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They deserve it

For the first time in Salalah, the’ Omani Association for Elderly Friends, Dhofar Team,’ organised yesterday a ‘Seminar’ under the slogan of ‘Care and fulfillment of them.’ And with ‘them’ they mean elderly people from sixty and above. Under the auspices of His Excellency Dr. Rashid Alsafi Khamis Alharaibi, Chairman of the tender board of the organisation of Oman, an evening full of activities took place. Also for the first time representatives of other nationalities living in Dhofar, such as from Sudan, Somalia, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Bangladesh….were invited. When entering the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, where the event took place, one could find information around health issues and all kind of tips to improve the quality of life for elderly. The Association is involved in programs of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. Especially for this event, an exhibition with handicraft was organised. During the exhibition one could meet the elderly with the results of their work. During the seminar speeches on several issues were given by several speakers. Short films gave an overview of the activities of the Dhofar Team. The Omani Association for Elderly started in 2011 in Nizwa up in the north. In 2012 Salalah followed. It is volunteer work. In between the speeches, there were traditional dances and a comedy sketch about the respect that elderly people deserve. This seminar made one issue very clear: Caring for one’s parents, or elderly people is considered as a duty of the community. It is an honor to do something in return for the care elderly gave to their children and to the community they live in. At the end, certificates and gifts were given to the guests, the volunteers of the Association and last but not least to the elderly who attended the seminar.

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