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Although 95 years old, Abdul Qadir bin Salim al-Ghassani still reads every day. Books are his passion. In 1940, at the age of 20, he started to collect them. 23 of February, his long awaited dream came true. ‘Dar al Kitab Public Library,’ located in the heart of Salalah, at the opposite side of Al Salaam street, was inaugurated.


In a serene environment, on an area of 381 square meters, 12000 books and more than 10000 titles in addition to a number of encyclopedias and rare manuscripts are on display. Mostly Arabic/Islamic books about religion, history, science, geography, economy, politics, …. – in short- books about all aspects of life are within easy reach of adults, youngsters and children. The book titles are one click away in electronic catalogue databases. Even digital copying of articles are possible. The message of Abdul Qadir bin Salim al-Ghassani is very clear. With this library he gives his passion for reading through to others. As author of ‘Dhofar, The Land of Frankincense’ his curriculum vitae is impressive. Born in Salalah in 1920, he studied basic Arabic under his mother. He studied Islamic Jurisprudence (Figh) and Arabic language for six years in Hadhramaut, in Yemen. Till 1970, he taught Arabic language and Islamic Studies in Salalah. Since 4th of October he was in charge of Education in the Southern Region of Oman. Till 1991 he became Director General of Education in the Governorate of Dhofar. Till 1994 he was advisor at the Ministry of Education and retired from service in 1995. From 1997 till 2000 he was Member of the State Council.

DSCN1316 (450x338) DSCN1318 (450x338) DSCN1317 (450x338) DSCN1319 (450x257) DSCN1324 (450x338)

‘Dar al Kitab Public Library’, opposite Al-Salaam Street, from Sunday till Thursday open from 9 till 5am and 5 till 9 pm.

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