Before Ramadan….

Yesterday, in the serene atmosphere of the ‘Ghameh Omer Al Rawas Mosque’ in Salalah, I attended the honoring of about 179 students – children and adults- who followed courses for a better understanding of the Islamic jurisprudence. Fiqh deals with the observance of rituals, morals and social legislation in Islam. The Qur’an gives clear instructions on many issues, but details about these issues can be found in the sunnah (further revelation) and the hadiths (explanations from the Prophet Mohammed). This wider concept of Islamic jurisprudence is the source of a range of laws in different topics that govern the lives of the Muslims in all facets of everyday life. All of the students received several certificates and presents. Among the students there were 33 women who followed several years the courses. Beside eight teachers also Sheikh Jlil Badr Mohammed Abu Zaid were honored. The Ghameh Omer Al Rawas Mosque is the only place in Salalah where this Islamic jurisprudence is taught. This month the Holy Ramadan starts….

DSCN2846 (540x405) DSCN2855 (405x540) DSCN2873 (540x405) DSCN2893 (540x384) DSCN2904 (540x399) DSCN2922 (540x405) (2) DSCN2925 (540x405) DSCN2974 (540x405) DSCN2976 (405x540) DSCN2988 (404x540) DSCN2992 (540x405) DSCN2868


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