Before Khareef….Tranquility (part 1)

One of my friends has sent me Ramadan greetings saying: ‘Ramadan Mubarak to all, full of forgiveness and peace to all the countries…’ In fact in a nutshell  it says what Ramadan is all about. Peace, meditation, personal reflection, praying, fasting, taking time for family matters, for friends… universal themes.

It is the second day of Ramadan and here in the south of Oman, in Salalah-Dhofar, nature awaits the Khareef season, the south-west monsoon. Clouds obscure the sun, trees lose their flowers … covering the surrounding ground in colorful petals… in short, at this time of the year, nature offers an ideal environment to calm the mind, to reflect, to become contented.

20150617_172702 (540x221)

20150619_104402 (540x324)20150619_104126 (324x540)

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