Khareef: Waiting for the rain to come…. (part 2)

Sunday the 21st, the three month long Khareef, or south-west monsoon season became a fact. In newspapers one could read how Salalah-Dhofar is preparing this season full of magic only existing in this part of South Arabia.

The Khareef changes the whole coastal ecosystem. Camel herders have to move out of the mountains to the plains, and the unique phenomenon brings tourists from the neighbouring countries and from all over the world together for the yearly Salalah Tourism Festival. This year this Festival will start on the 23th of July, the same date when Sultan Qaboos started with the modernization or the so-called Renaissance of the country, 45 years ago.

In the meanwhile, natural wonders as this sculptures in wood, are waiting for the rain to come. ..

The elephant

The elephant

I want to fly.....

I want to fly…..

sphinx a like

sphinx a like

looking to the sky

looking to the sky

waiting for the rain...

waiting for the rain…

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