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‘Whispers’ still loud and clear

‘Whispers of Oman’ is not only available as an e-book. For readers who like to have the book in their hands there is also the paperback version.

Whispers of Oman also as paperback

Whispers of Oman also as paperback

‘You can’t move mountains by whispering them’ (Pink). But slowly this ‘amazing’ book about mainly Omani women stories find its own way.

Readers voice:  

“Ich finde es außerordentlich bewundernswert, wie die von Ihnen vorgestellten Damen und Herren in einer Welt des Umbruchs zwischen Tradition und Moderne es geschafft haben,ihre Lebenswünsche zu verwirklichen und dass Erreichte wiederum an die Gemeinschaft zurückzugeben. Starke Frauen und Männer, strong women and men!!!! Dafür gebührt allen wirklich hohe Anerkennung und Ihnen als Autorin ein Dank für diese besondere Art der Präsentation. Irmgard Mohrmann, Germany

“Like having tea-time with Omani Women” Travelling to Oman and Dhofar meant to be confronted with my prejudices against an islamic country. The book ‘Whispers of Oman’ from Maria Dekeersmaeker lights up the background of the amazing fact, that so many of Omani Students are female. It shows a world that is not revealed by a superficial glimpse during a 3-weeks-holiday. ‘Getting married and having children is important.’ says Fatima. But like other portrayed women she reaches an academic award, has a good job or makes her way with being creative in Arts.  Obstacles like widowhood, raising children by herself, illness don’t stop her. Omani Women seem to have a lot of self-confidence, they are eager to learn. Their religion or traditions, which are still strong in Dhofar are no prevention and family seems to be a reliable support. After being successful in their Jobs some of the Woman engage in associations and projects, which support and encourage younger women in their ambitions: they do net-working like we do in Europe. Maria’s book is nice to read and instructive. Every chapter is like having a Date for a tea-time with an interesting Omani woman! Chris Kreis, Germany (

“The book has won the admiration and impresses everyone….Mayadaa, Oman

“The book is wonderful” Fatima, Oman

“Wat me opvalt is de erg snelle evolutie sinds 1970. Wat me vooral raakt, is hoe de vrouwen die de kans kregen om een loopbaan uit te bouwen, doordat ze of gestimuleerd werden van thuis uit, of door plaatselijke omstandigheden, zich inzetten om andere vrouwen ook te laten evolueren. Ik lees toch hoe ze elkaar aanmoedigen en ondersteunen. Echt mooi! Verder lees ik de verhalen graag: hoe ze elk hun passie zoeken, vinden, soms via een omweg, en echt gaan doen wat bij hen aansluit vanuit hun intresses en hun mogelijkheden. Zich niet laten opdringen of verleiden tot andere wegen te gaan. Sterk! – Strong!” H.Eggermont, Belgium

Tea-Time with Arab women, Kerk en leven, Newspaper of the Catholic Church in Belgium-Flanders, 220.000editions

‘Tea-Time with Arab women,’ Kerk en Leven, Newspaper of the Catholic Church in Belgium-Flanders, 220.000 editions, 23.09.2015

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