Tales of an ancient past

Till the 13th of April the Omani Society for Fine Arts of the Sultan Qaboos Higher Centre for Culture and Science in the Governorate of Dhofar showcases the personal exhibition of Ali bin Ahmed al Shahri, 68 year old researcher in archaeology and ‘Ancient Writings and Inscriptions of Dhofar.

copyright ONA Oman

copyright ONA Oman

I had the opportunity to meet Ali al Shahri at his home in his house-museum and to discuss a lot of issues that concerns me and my research I am now busy with. During this meeting, one thing became very clear to me. Ali al Shahri is concerned that the old languages will disappears, and a part of history can be lost. That’s why he organized this personal exhibition. Moreover, old inscriptions found in Colorado, US, shows a link with the one spoken in Dhofar.

copyr. ONA Oman

copyright ONA Oman

Besides 15 photos of the inscriptions also artefacts and panels about important trees, like myrrh and frankincense linked with the history of Dhofar and Oman in general are on display. Each panel at the exhibition has explanations in Arabic and English. Ali al Shahri is also the author of ‘ Ancient inscriptions and drawings in Dhofar’ en ‘Language of Aad’ both written in Arabic and English.

Oman Daily Observer

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‘Ancient Inscriptions and Writings in Dhofar’ till the 13th of April in the gallery of the Omani Society for Fine Arts of the Sultan Qaboos Higher Centre for Culture and Science.

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