‘Reading…’ for better understanding…

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23 of April and also this weekend in many places around the globe ‘World Book and Copyright Day,’ is celebrated. From 1995, a yearly event, organized by UNESCO to promote reading, publishing and copyright all over the world. On their event site one can read:

“…A book is a link between the past and the future. It is a bridge between generations and across cultures. It is a force for creating and sharing wisdom and knowledge…”

Anniversaries are a time of reflection….

While making my latest book ‘Whispers of Oman,’ I remember the words that ‘Muna’ spoke about the way she teaches art to pupils from 6 to 11 years in a school in Salalah, in Dhofar.

“…as not every student will become an artist, I put a lot of effort into teaching them to look to paintings. So that at least they can understand the idea or the concept of the artist…”

That’s why we called her story ‘Reading Art.’

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