Jewels of W-Oman

Across the world Mother’s day is celebrated on different days. They all have the same goal, a day to reflect, to honour…. In Belgium, in my home country, it is on May 8 or August 15. In Oman Mother’s day is on March 21.

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In the article ‘The language of Jewellery,’ published in the Belgium magazine ‘Jewels and Watches Info,’ in Dutch and French language, I honor two women who design and make jewellery. Both have the same concern; keeping the tradition of Oman in jewellery design alive. And then I talk about shapes, the stones they use, meaning of names…in old and contemporary designs.

The only difference between the two designers is that, ‘Shadya al-Ismailiya’ in Muscat in the north had the choice to swap her management positions in the oil sector. She went abroad to study. In 2008 she established ‘Deema Oman.’

Deema Oman (681x1024)  bangle revise final copy (724x1024) Deema Oman (2) (683x1024)

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For ‘Tofull’ in Taqah, nearby Salalah in the south, making jewellery was a daily reality to earn money for the education of her three boys. Her story, in my latest publication ‘Whispers of Oman,’ fits in a time after 1970 when the current leader Sultan Qaboos took over power and started with the modernization of the Arab country as we know now.

….‘Her age?’ Tofull doesn’t know. Before 1970 births were not registered. She married very young, which at that time was common. In 1974 the inevitable happened. Her husband, who had been ill, died. He left her with three sons: Said two months old, Amor three years old and Salem four years old…….For Tofull it was obvious. She would give her three sons a proper life….’

That’s why we called her story ‘My Way.’

Tofull (1024x768) Tofull traditionele juweeldracht (768x1024) Tofull (1024x768) (2)

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