While my friends in Salalah, in the south of Oman in the Arabian Peninsula are preparing for Ramadan, a time for renewing yourself from the inside out, ‘Spring,’ in La Roche-en-Ardenne, my hometown, is Nature’s renewal time. An impression……..

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20160501_163728 (1024x614) 20160501_165843 (1024x614) 20160427_205038 (1024x614) 20160520_185442 (1024x614)

20160501_163848 (614x1024)  20160520_190159 (614x1024) 20160520_191430 (614x1024) 20160520_191949 (614x1024) 20160520_192357 (614x1024) 20160520_185932 (614x1024)

20160520_185510 (1024x614) 20160520_192939 (1024x614) 20160520_192457 (1024x614) 20160520_191835

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