First Whispers….First Solo

It’s always nice to meet people who have a dream. Sometimes they go for it and they succeed. ‘Mayada’ who talked about her art work in my latest publication ‘Whispers of Oman,’ is such a person.


During this Khareef or south-west monsoon, she exhibited thirty paintings in her first ‘solo’ exhibition in the new buildings of Salalah International Airport. With the title ‘Golden Lines’ she entertained the visitors not only with her abstract work. Also in the paintings about the traditions of her country and of Dhofar, her golden lines were definitely her signature. Mayada Reehan who took part in numerous symposia and exhibitions paints in oil, acrylic and watercolor. Through workshops she likes to share her knowledge with others.

(Click on thumbnail to enlarge picture)

DSC_6094 (1) (1024x735)     DSC_6088 (1024x678)     IMG_0540 (1024x666)

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