Delightful….and for free

Three times it was very nice to visit the Saint Nicholas Church in La Roche en Ardenne, my hometown. Three times the entrances were free. First there is still till the 2th of September ‘expo Biblia.’ Biblical texts related with pictures taken from famous and lesser famous paintings and painters on billboards. Then on regular times at noon one could listen to organ concerts of musicians. The organ of the church is quit special. The organ is 12 metres high, has 4300 organ pipes and three keyboards. And…for one hour and fifteen minutes, I enjoyed the baroque music program of ‘Gaudeamus Chorale.’ A mixed voice-chorus made up of experienced singers drawn from members of two English choirs, the choral societies of Berkhamsted and Chorleywood. They share ‘Graham Wili’ as Music Director, who has also performed in some of the most prestigious concert venues in England and Europe. The organist ‘lestyn Evans’ performed widely as a soloist and an accompanist both in Great Britain and abroad. Mostly the group sing in churches and cathedrals, but this year they performed for 2000 people in the Royal Festival Hall, the main venue in London. Gaudeamus Chorale was very delighted to return back to Belgium for three days singing. First in Dinant, than in my hometown, and today in Spa.

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DSCN0398 (768x1024) DSCN0437 (768x1024) DSCN0406 (768x1024) DSCN0402 (768x1024)

DSCN0445 (768x1024) DSCN0412 (768x1024) DSCN0416 (768x1024) DSCN0415 (768x1024)

DSCN0407 (1024x768) DSCN0426 (1024x768) DSCN0408 (1024x768)



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