Balancing on a jewelry line

My meeting with ‘Lies’ was not a coincidence. It was meant to be. With the steering wheel of her bike in her hands, she told me about the freckles in her face and how they inspired her way of thinking about jewelry.

My jewelry will be sustainable and fine, comfortable to wear, and recognizable as Lies...

My jewelry will be sustainable and fine, comfortable to wear, and recognizable as Lies

Lies was in the middle of a project called ‘Ik Kunst ( Me-Art), ‘ for a major event of several Academies of Fine Art. A mirror with many stains on the surface, and a series of very small jewel designs in gold leaf that represented pimples (or freckles) were her ingredients. The presence of pimples on the skin, certainly on the face, may cause anxiety and embarrassment. The same can happen with freckles on the face. Although, freckles are common, they are not a health threat and mostly the pimples disappears after some time. ‘Why,’ Lies asked herself, can we not accept the fact that freckles and pimples happens. How will the wearer react when jewelry become or can become a part of the pimples and freckles…

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So it made her think about materials. In this case, she used gold leaf. Gold leaf is skin friendly, used as a facial mask in many luxury spas… It made her think about design. Pimples and freckles are small, so the jewelry had to be small, but also comfortable to wear. Beside little jewels for the face, the gold leaf pimples became also earrings. Other projects like ‘bridges,’ for example made her think about architecture, graphics, colors and how to connect pieces in a sustainable way with one another. Normally wearing a jewel has to last for long.

This kind of projects helps her to find her own style and design, so that people know for what ‘Lies jewelry,’ stands for. For her it is clear, my jewels will be sustainable and fine. This full time teacher is on the road to become an independent jewelry designer. She is a second year student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berchem, her hometown in Belgium. Still she has five years ahead of her. But this doesn’t mean that ‘Lies’ waits with her dreams to come true.

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