Castle Night Trail….modern medieval…(part I)

Last weekend, the medieval Castle of La Roche-en-Ardenne hosted ‘Castle Night Trail,’ and 416 participants for this new trail. Starting and ending point of three loops of 10, 20 and 30 km is not a sport hall or an event hall, but the solid architecture of the medieval castle, till the seventeenth century a stronghold for knights and kings.

When taking pictures during the event, and looking at the scenery, I cannot resist to point out some similarities between the ‘Castle Night Trail’ and ‘chivalry,’ the medieval knightly system with at that time, the religious, social and moral codes…

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In medieval time, due bad road connections and long preparation for the tournaments, the participants had to be summoned long time in advance…For the next Castle Sunrise Trail in July, participants can already subscribe…In medieval time the knights who participated took an oath, an appeal to God by which a man called down on himself punishment if he swore falsely. Participants of the Castle Sunrise Trail have to endorse the rules…One of the rules of the for ninety percent forest trail is to show respect for nature…when throwing garbage, the participant risks qualification…

Thomas Gillet, the organizer of the yearly Baltus Beach, with fifteen years anniversary this year, has also a solid experience in sporting events, with the premiere of this ‘Castle Night Trail’ as result. And with the 30th of July a ‘Castle Sunrise trail,’ a day trail, as sequence. For both events an access road at the castle, destroyed in the seventeenth century, was recreated. Still the medieval chivalry has untold secrets, as we will not reveal the loops. This secret can only be unrevealed by the participants who subscribe the rules…And

…In medieval time there was the chivalry code, an informal, varying code of conduct. With ‘Betrail’ participants who subscribe on this site can measure and compare performances in trail running. This site offers a calendar of trail running races. ‘Betrail’ is an idea of Mathieu and Matthieu, they are both professors in math (UCL) and Philosophy (EPHEC), and passionate about trail running.

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