About fairies and elves…? Tale of the woods

In La Roche-en-Ardenne, in the French part of Belgium, my home country, you become aware of fairies and elves…in shops in the town. Why this is, nobody knows…Perhaps it is inherent to the woods that surround the town? Through history fairies and elves were much more than a vague association of ‘spirit’ with the landscape. The concept of fairy in the narrow sense is unique to English folklore, conflating Germanic elves with influences from Celtic and Romance (French) mythology. In ‘The Lord of the Ring,’ Tolkien let the elves shine with goodness. …But it seems that the original ancient form of these beings was not always that friendly with humans…In Norse mythology, elves came in pairs – light and dark elves…like fairies had light and dark sides…

(click thumbnail to enlarge pictures)



I took the elf I like out into the nature surrounding the town…to be honest… we had a lot of fun, funny elf…!


Elves and fairies courtesy Maison Tribolet

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