Two museums, two different worlds, lots in common…

The ‘National Museum’ in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman and ‘Museum De Reede’ in Antwerp, Belgium, my home country are both newcomers…The first established end 2016, the latter opened beginning of June…The ‘National Museum’ showcases the cultural heritage of Oman, from prehistory to the present day. ‘Museum De Reede,’ (MDR) is dedicated exclusively to graphic art. Both museums have a lot in common…

Strategically: The ‘National Museum’ located in the capital of Muscat, a Persian Gulf city port, lays opposite of the Qasr al-Alam Palace and at the end of Muscat’s ceremonial boulevard. The Museum is as Royal as the contemporary Islamic design of Al-Alam Palace.

The cube building of ‘ Museum De Reede,’ certainly from the inside, looks as if it is floating on a river. Nearby is the Scheldt. Thanks to its location at this river, Antwerp became a metropolis with an international seaport.

Architectural: In both museums the use of vista’s and alleys leads you to insights into the collections. This cause far reaching effects on your visit…

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(photos National Museum Muscat)

“Natural light connects inside with outside, as the collection connects the past with the present. I stroll through big rooms, via huge doors, through triple-height spaces. A helical stair is a key alley to the history, the culture of Oman. The showcases are little theatres on their own, with me as public, so very intimate…and touchable as the Arabic Braille…Interactivity is part of the Omani culture. The National Museum is the story of the culture of the other but in the same time I recognize a lot what is in my culture…the setup unites worlds, celebrates universal values…”

“Grey, black painted walls, wood, steel, concrete for a cube building full of intimacy is ‘Museum De Reede.’ Vista’s, alleys, perspectives…invites…to stay, to discover, to look and suddenly to see…more…for afterwards going away with lots of thoughts about Goya, Rops, Munch, three masters of graphic art and on the ground floor other names… The initiative is a private one of the art collection of Dutchman Harry Rutten.

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