Facial delights

‘Laurence’ and ‘Laurence,’ have not only their first name in common. A decade ago they were part of the same band of music. Laurence Lo Presti for the soft side and Laurence Hubert for the metal side. Both share a passion for art. This is reflected in the four days exhibition in the Gallery of Saint Nicolas Church in La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium. The paintings on display are a mix of figurative work in different styles in pastel, acrylic and aquarelle.

I became directly fascinated by the iriscopie (iridology) of ‘Laurence Hubert’, called by the artist as ‘The Landscape in the Eye,’ because of the details in the landscape and the movement caused by certain elements in the iris…It brought me also to the passion of the artist; travelling…and when looking at some other works in acrylic, she does a lot…’ Iriscopie is Laurence first work in aquarelle, meaning painting with thin transparent watercolors. And as eyes are the windows to the soul, also in her works in acrylic they are strongly present. Even details are added to underline their importance…to secret moods…to movements…

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‘Laurence Lo Presti’ likes pastel. Especially the direct contact with the material when applying on the paper with her fingers, she adores. Other pastel artists taught her the technique. To practice she exhibits reproductions of works like Monet. She still do. But it is make-up and the tactility needed to apply on the human face that fascinates her. The four face charts she exhibit are at the same time her final exam as make-up artist. Makeup face charts are useful to help you keep track of all the different products and color combinations that are used in the creation of a look. Her pastels are no templates, but pastel drawings made with make-up material for the face…At the same time they are studies of the human face. It was her schooling that revealed that she wants to do more with face charts, in an artistic way…that will enhance the make-up more…A project is in preparation…

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