‘Castle Day Trail’…. modern life in a medieval Castle (part 2)

This weekend, today, the medieval Castle of La Roche-en-Ardenne hosted ‘Castle DAY Trail.’ A follow-up of Aprils ‘Castle NIGHT Trail.’ In medieval times the ‘noblemen and noble women’ moved from place to place depending on where there attention was required. The 809 participants from Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Poland for the ‘Castle Day Trail’ registered themselves depending on their abilities for the 10, 20, 30 or 40 km trail.

In medieval times noblemen and noble women attended the tournaments organized by the king of the Castle they visited. They honored the king. In this case, I asked the participants of the trail to describe their experiences in a few words. And as is medieval habit, the ones coming from more far away started to do so.

(click the thumbnail to enlarge the picture)

POLAND; Women 20km: found the trail nice, enjoyed the landscape, it was hard because of the several levels to take, they loved the views over the city, surprised of the humidity in the air…Men 40km: one of them expected a hard race and it was, the route was very technical, the organization was good, no cues, it was satisfying, tuff, each track that followed was more demanding, the difference in the landscape and the river crossing were highlights…For them it was the first time to be in La-Roche-en-Ardenne, the trail connected them with the place and let them taste for more…

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BELGIUM; Children 10km: it was fun, we liked the differences in the trail, the river crossing, I felt I was a real runner, I felt freedom…

THE NETHERLANDS; Woman 20km: It was worth to do for myself, challenging, I know now I can more than I think, I enjoyed the views, the landscapes… It was my first time…

BELGIUM; Men 30km: difficult, beautiful landscape, wild, a must to do…

IRELAND; Woman 40km: beautiful, heavy, magnificent, delightful

As a castle is a place to protect important people, the moment the participants came through the small 17th century gate made by the French occupants to defend the castle, they were relieved. They realized they did it.  Joy and fatigue was on every ones faces.

(click on thumbnail to enlarge pictures)


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