Between guilds and BAM FESTIVAL (part 1)

After 29 years 100 guilds of Walloon in the French part of my home country Belgium, returned back to occupy the streets of La Roche-en-Ardenne. Guilds are associations of artisans or merchants who oversee the practice of their craft in their particular towns. A Roman practice with a booming in Medieval times. It was the 34 edition of their parade. In the mean while the BAM-virus is back in town. The fourth edition with,  a vibrant program full of art, concerts, workshops and conferences will last till October. As theme ‘Women’ are in the focus. Although also men are participating, as our society includes both genders. Till 3rd of September art is visible on the street, in fact all over the town and beyond. While visiting artists and when present, they expressed their feelings in four words about the work they realized. An impression…

(click thumbnail to enlarge the pictures)


Annwyn: reflection, intensity, humanity, receiving hands

Aka Lorchetna: structure, sensuality, movement, contrast

Cecilluce: nothing, empty mind, open lens, graphism

Véronique Defays: tenderness, light, joy, freedom while working

Thierry Merget: freedom is contradiction, color, drawing

Coralie Smeers-Lost Memory: sincerity, love, difference, this exhibition my prime time, my personnel way to look at my disability that I want to share…

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