Between firework and BAM FESTIVAL (part 2)

During the summer months, certain evenings, around nightfall, medieval Countess Berthe de La Roche can be seen wandering on the castle ruins, at the very spot where she died. This weekend she made her last appearance for this year. Firework said hello and welcomed her already for next summer next year. In the meanwhile I went out looking for art, BAM art. For this fourth edition with ‘Women’ as theme, I visited the artists when present. I asked them to express their feelings in four words about the work they realized. My second impression…

Thomas Corbisier: participating, identity, socalising, new work

Pegé Spanish artist in residence: special, romantic, natural, powerful

Geneviève Zimmer: difference, intriguing, elegant, lovely

   FESTIVAL BAM: Till 3rd of September art is visible on the street, in fact all over the town and beyond. Concerts, workshops and conferences will last till October.

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