Focal Point

Momentum with Indian coffee

Although tea is still top beverage in India, the country is no stranger to the coffee bean. As we could taste in ‘Abu Chai, The taste breeze zone,’ a nice coffee corner in Lulu Hypermarket, in Salalah, Dhofar It was the ‘Medical coffee,’ who took my attention. Perhaps my choice was influenced by the light cold I had. Anyway, the taste was magical, sweet, herbal, earth, with suddenly a little bite in the back of the throat, and a softly opening of the respiratory system. This coffee is a mix of Herbal Ayurveda and twenty percent coffee, manager Ragesh explains. Ingredients of the palm, coconut, black pepper….and roots like ginger are just a few to name. One thing is sure the subtle notes of this fresh made coffee not only relax the mind and the body, but also calm the breath work.

In the meanwhile this coffee became my favorite.

(click on thumbnail to enlarge the picture)



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