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It is all about passion…

Writing another book coming up soon is my passion. During last weekend, when visiting the 10 ha natural park in my hometown La Roche- en- Ardenne, and during the druid’s market where natural, organic and artisan products were for sale, I met a lot of passion, the driving force behind happiness.

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Courtesy photos Lyam Teijssen, my grandson…

For Mr. Muraille-Lebeau of Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse, has each piece of wood its own signature. Already ten years the patterns on the wood guides him in his hand carved designs.


‘Sucre d’Or,’ of Verviers catches the sunlight in the colours of artisanal candies without chemicals. You taste and surely you buy, as I did with sweet Anise….


Marguarita and Corinne of ‘Créa entre Amis,’ have both crochet and knitting in common. Marguarita has always loved this handicraft. Corinne became three months ago passionate. It are the colors of the wool that inspires.




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