Yesterday, the temporary exposition of ‘Aquarelles,’ of Andree Rossion in the Gallery of St. Nicholas Church in La Roche-en-Ardenne closed the doors. Four years Andree made paintings in mixed materials. But the technique of painting with thin, transparent watercolors became her favorite. Why?

’As water is of major importance to all living things, water and the color pigments of the paint on paper create the personality of the work,’ she stated. In fact, by talking further, Andree’s paintings are also windows into her personality and her soul…

In her landscapes, the sensitivity and peacefulness of nature, contemplation too, is expressed. ‘Because we need nature to become ourselves,’ she stated. In her works, made with tenderness, she points out to this fragility. With the effect that I really want to visit the places she painted too.

She likes to paint small boats, floating softly on a river, a watery place. ‘ It’s like embarking on something new coming up,’ she says. ‘While doing so we can let go of the past, to move on to a next phase in our life,’ something she experienced in her personal life not long time ago…

And with the portraits I saw, I think Andree embarks on other journeys…

(click on thumbnail to enlarge)





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