Focal Point

With Gratitude…

The impact of ‘living gratefully’ is for me the main theme in the three literary works of Fawziya Ali Khalifa Al Maskiry, I gratefully received by coincidence. Although there are no coincidences in life…

With ‘Tender Breeze,’ Fawziya, living in Muscat as mother of three and grandmother of four, is the first Omani who published a collection of poems in English (1996). In tender words and with titles such as: ‘In praise of She,’ ‘My Soul,’ ‘Communion with Nature,’ ‘Forbidden Love’….she cultivates life. The ups and downs, the moments of love, joy and praise, the memories, all precious to her but at the end universal themes too…

And as poetry is her way of expressing deeper feelings, in ‘A Leader with Vision,’ she commemorated the 40th National Day of Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Especially with the poem of the ‘Sultan Qaboos Rose,’ with the red rose given by the nation to His Majesty, she gratefully describes her thoughts about her country she caries in her heart.

With ‘A Taste to Remember,’ Fawziya became the first Omani to publish a cooking book in English. A step by step guide to the secrets of successful Omani cooking. Spending precious time, she thoughtfully considered the recipes. She wrote them out in detail without making them to complicated. Everybody, even me not a real cook at all,  can rejoice a mouth-watering experience of a great heritage too.

The third edition of ‘A Taste to Remember,’ coming soon, will be available in bookshops and supermarkets in Muscat.

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