A Timeless story

Last Saturday in Antwerp, during the Day of the Academies, while more than 8000 students of music, word, dance and image showed their skills, I made my own tour, based on their theme ´Time.´ Only, my walk was a ´timeless one,´ as explained in the pictures I made.

(click on thumbnail to enlarge the pictures)

For centuries, as a city on a river, Antwerp in Belgium, has attracted people from all over the world. With rippling glass, reflections in the water, the new built ´MAS´ radiates water. On the roof you become aware how the Scheldt River still connects Antwerp to the world.

The latest architectural jewel is the ´Port House.´ Above the original building, a replica of the former Hansa House, recalling the 16th century Antwerp’s ´golden century,´ like the bow of a ship, a contemporary structure in shining glass has been built. The extension points towards the Scheldt, connecting the building with the river on which Antwerp was founded. In Zaha Hadid Architects’ design, detailed historical research and a thorough analysis of both the site and the existing building, are visibly combined.

(click on thumbnail to enlarge the pictures)

And nearby almost forgotten art paintings tell the story of (H-)antwerpen (Hand Throwing).



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