Focal Point

Let´s go facial…to Carnival

Today the 46th edition of the yearly Carnival in La Roche-en-Ardenne ended with the traditional parade. This time there were about 38 groups, trying to tell serious things, about the climate change. Some groups wear colors of nature, others were lesser, more playful in their themes, some (in my opinion) were meaningless, absurd…

To say it with the words of Benoit Bourivain, Président fondateur du Carnaval de La Roche- en-Ardenne

“A travers « mon La Roche que j’aime » mon souhait le plus cher est que nous puissions continuer à vous entraîner dans le tourbillon de cet extraordinaire carnaval pour vivre ensemble des émotions qui se feront arc-en-ciel de plaisirs et de joies.”

And when we talk about émotions-emotions, than let´s go facial…

(click on thumbnail to enlarge the pictures)

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