Focal Point

Beyond Creativity

When visiting the 2019 edition of ‘Art Brussels,’ last weekend, the title for this post came into my mind.

Creativity transforms ideas into reality. These people went ‘beyond’ that stage…

In my latest publication ‘Whispers of Oman,’ Agnes, strongly discouraged by her parents to write Ghazal, Urdu poetry, never questioned her creativity. For the first time, at the age of 56, among others, she recited her poems at the ‘Muzheira Ghazal’ evening in the Social Indian Club in Salalah. As many other women in this publication, she dared to go beyond…

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With the publication ‘Au Temps des Celtes,’ Jean Guillaume (88 years old) realized his initial idea. With this novel, he gave his knowledge through to his grandchildren about the history of the celtic fortress Cheslé in Bérismenil. An archaeological site located between the plateau of Samrée and the deep Ourthe valley in the municipality of La-Roche-en-Ardenne, in the province of Luxembourg in Belgium. With the launching of the book, he went beyond. Now, he hopes that excavation stopped in 2003, will continue, so that visitors will find more answers about the most enigmatic site of Wallonia in the French speaking region of Belgium.

Launching of the book..beyond the initial idea…

At ‘Art Brussels,’ at first sight, the art installation of ‘Maika Garnica,’ shows sculptural objects made in earthly colors. The mind start to meditate. Closer looking, some of them seem to be utilitarian too. Beyond; the objects vibrates, they can produce sound, as explained by mariondecannière, of the art platform in Antwerp, Belgium.

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