Till the 4th of August the ‘Gallery’ of the church of Saint Nicolas in La Roche-en-Ardenne is ‘light’-ened by the oil paintings of Rachel-Alexandre Frédérick.

(click on thumbnail to enlarge pictures)

As a resident of Bastogne, he is a nature lover of the Ardennes in the south-east of Belgium. And then the artist talks about trees and animals as his favorites. Where ‘nature’ creates ‘light,’ in Frédéricks paintings the natural ‘light’ is captured in his colors and in his perspectives. As the light comes from the background to the foreground specific points becomes highlighted. Sometimes very meticulously detailed.

Precise work typifies the painter. To do so he takes his time, as this artist wants us to find beauty. Frédéricks artworks are small moments of reflection. They are windows to the soul of nature. This year, after La Roche-en-Ardenne, the artist will also exhibit in Ėtalle, Saint-Hubert, Bastogne and Ville-Sur-Lumes (Charleville-Mézières).

Rachel-Alexandre Frédérique till ‘4th of August in ‘Gallery’, church Saint Nicolas, to reach him: +32 (0) 61 21 40 51

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