CULTURE @ HOME (part 2)

In a time where everyone has to stay at home as much as possible, we can explore cultural expressions virtually from our living room.

With the ‘Royal Museum of Mariemont’ situated near Morlanwelz, in Wallonia in the French part of Belgium, we penetrate in the ‘universe of the collector Raoul Waroqué,’presented in a museum inaugurated in 1975 and built by the Belgian architect Roger Bastin.

Enlightened and eclectic passionate amateur, Raoul Waroqué gathered rare books to representative works of great civilizations of Europe and Asia, or past of his area, the Hainaut. On his death in 1917, his art and antiquities collections were donated to the Belgian state and now form the basis for the Musée Royal de Mariemont.

Everyone can discover some of the masterpieces on different digital platforms: Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram and the audio guides on Izi.Travel (only French).

What are you waiting for?


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