CULTURE @ HOME (part 3)

In a time where everyone has to stay at home as much as possible, we can explore cultural expressions virtually from our living room.

With ‘An Artwork a Day,’ Mario Mauroner Gallery for Contemporary Art in Salzburg and Vienna publish a work of art with a clear explanation on the net. Only Sunday is a day off. Then you can decide which piece of art touched you the most during the past week. But we bet you are already looking forward to Monday for the next post.

My choice of the past week:

#06 Measurements determine norms – norms that define the space humans are claiming, is what Anastasiya YAROVENKO (*1983, Ukraine) is focusing on in her objects. The artwork “Untitled” 2018 is part of a series of three, in which Yarovenko explores the potential space one human body occupies in certain positions, referring to Ernst Neuferts spatial studies. Even though standardized and universalized values are repeatedly negotiated over times, all systems finally rely on them. Within this contradictory field of tension, the artist’s approach to object and installation unfolds: playfully exploring and pushing its spatial boundaries and addressing the artificial construction of normativity in our society. (Copyright picture Richard Zazworka)


#07 Alfred HABERPOINTNER`s (*1966, Salzburg, Austria) works radiate an almost archaic strength as they are transforming power and movement into structure and shape. Using often intense, sometimes light colors his monochrome works immediately involve the beholder´s gaze. Testing the limits of wood and its material quality, the artist has become an expert in exploring all possibilities of wood sculpture, whilst continuously preserving its own character.


#08 Fabrizio PLESSI: “Traum” – one of his often published and for his exhibition at Gropius Bau in Berlin created „chef d’oeuvre“, is an homage to Sigmund Freud and his epochal opus magnum „Interpretation of Dreams“. Behind a huge marble monolith, that symbolizes our everyday stony reality, glimmers a world of illusions, dreams and fantasies and appears like an abysmal lake, reflecting the ambiguous moonlight.


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