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The scent-sation of NeZ ZeN

Namur, a city, a municipality, capital of the province of the same name in Wallonia, in Belgium, which I call my new hometown, has two perfumers on its territory. Both have one thing in common: Atelier de la Parfumerie Delforge is located in the  heart of the Citadel with the shop in a former military artillery laboratory.

NeZ ZeN of perfumer Romain Pantoustier is situated in the Rue du Président, a pedestrian area in the heart of the old historic town.

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(Courtesy photos NeZ ZeN)

Was it the latter’s small billboard with the words “Parfumerie Artisanale. Made in Namur” next to the boutique that convinced me to enter the small shop? I don’t think so. Perhaps it was more my curiosity for a scent-sation experience that convinced me to go in. The last thought made me smile as the word scent-sation reminded me of my last publication “The Custodians.”

I was pleasantly surprised not only to step into a shop but also the atelier of Romain Pantoustier, the nose behind the perfume creations. A concept deliberately chosen by the perfumer. As the words on the billboard, the shop annex atelier are part of a total experience. In fact, every perfume he makes – be it his own creations or on demand – starts with notes on paper. Words, sentences about certain atmospheres in certain places, about walks in nature, about songs that speak like no other. All things that he tries to translate into a scent that is composed of several ingredients.

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To materialize this statements the perfumer releases the fragrance notes of “La Bibliothèque,” nominated at the Art and Olfaction Award 2019. A perfume with a mix of scents with which he expresses his passion for books. The layered notes that gradually reveal themselves remind me of the layered parallel worlds described in The Custodians. The woodnote in particular reminds of the smell of the woodwork in the halls of old libraries and archives.

With “Niwa,” one of the perfumer’s favorite, he summarized his interpretation inspired by the wind in the bamboo, by the serenity and strength of Japanese gardens in a unique scent of freshness. Niwa means garden in Japan. A place preferred by the perfumer when travelling in this country.

The scents of this perfume remind me of the grounding principle as explained in The Custodians and I quote:

“In many cultures over the world Earth is regarded as a force that recharges life. That’s why grounding is important. When you are grounded you can bring stability back into your life.”

When Romain Pantoustier told me that in every perfume the scientific and artistic approach is mixed, it became clear to me that when writing a book like The Custodians this mixing also took place. But in either case, the final creation remains a personal matter. As choosing a perfume is a personal matter too.

NeZ ZeN. Parfumerie Artisanale, Rue du Président, 11 Namur, Tel.+32 (0)81241294

13 thoughts on “The scent-sation of NeZ ZeN

  1. Maria, you always bring out the inner meaning of the simplest aspects of life through your magical words. Thank you for what you do🙏

  2. such a pure thoughts and beautiful words these words are rare and feelings too… ✨such a beautiful vibe🌈☁️

  3. Ohh Maria ,zo leuk te lezen ….het maakt me onmiddelijk nieuwsgierig !
    Naar de geuren op zich, naar het atelier,de parfumeur ….de KUNST om andere zintuiglijke sferen te vertalen in geur ! zoals jij dit schitterend doet met woorden, verhalend in je boek.

    • Thanks…for the compliments and indeed NeZ Zen is an experience and I found many similarities in writing the book The Custodians. In both cases, scents played a role.

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