From Bangladesh to Salalah

Dhofar is known for its heavily embellished velvet thawb that are worn long at the back but short at the front.

In ‘Sabayah Salalah,’ Rahima from Bangladesh (30) designs and stitches Dhofar thawb’s and kaftan’s in colourful fabric types. She followed six months courses in Bangladesh for textile design.

Designs of Rahima

Designs of Rahima

Already three years she personalizes several types of fabrics in Salalah with batik  (very common in Bangladesh), stamping and screen printing. Some of the screen printing designs take six hours to work on. And still designing textiles challenges her. Dhofari ladies like thawb’s and kaftan’s in bright yellow, silver, golden and black colours. In ‘Sabayah Salalah’ one can find designs that are surprising and very elegant.

screen printing

screen printing


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