The ‘Seven tiles’ of Salalah

Never heard of it? Neither did I, till yesterday. ‘Seven tiles’ or ‘Lagori’ is a traditional game still played in the rural and semi urban areas in India. In his blog  ‘Reflection’ in ‘Games we played’ Uttar Banga Anath Ashram, a cardiothoraric surgeon, looks back to games of his childhood.


“Seven tiles was a game in which you built a mini-tower of flat stones, seven in number. One team used a rubber of tennis ball to try to knock this over, throwing the ball from a fixed distance. If one of the players succeeded, the opposing team was supposed to try to hit the members of the first team with the ball while they dodged. If they succeeded in hitting somebody, that player was out. The first team in the meanwhile was to try to reconstruct the tower again. If they succeeded before all the players were struck out, they won, and alternatively the other team did. Later the teams switched positions.”


Beside the Omani, the Indians (about 700.000) are the largest community in the Sultanate.  80.000 Indians lives in Dhofar, in the south of Oman.

In 1981 the Indian Social Club was formed in Salalah, the capital city of Dhofar. 28th January 1988 the new club was inaugurated. The land and fund was awarded by Sultan Qaboos. The club situated nearby the Indian School, works under the banner of the Ministry of Social Development. In Dhofar there are 12 linguistic regional wings with 2000 members. The Indian Social Club Salalah has 700 members.

teams 1

With the fifth edition of the Lagori tournament game, the Karnataka Wing, one of the 12 linguistic regional wings, wants to keep the heritage alive. Many of the children who have been in Oman for a long time, knows this game only through this tournament. Moreover to offer the ladies the opportunity to participate more, a ladies category was introduced.

If you want to see what this community game is all about: this evening on April 19, but also 24, 25 and 26, 22 teams in the categories kids, ladies, adults are participating with a total of 44 matches.

sfeer ladiessfeer 2


For more information of upcoming events:


Indian Social Club Salalah: 23235600

Key persons: Mr. Manpreet Singh (Chairman) 99498939, Dr. Khader Nawaz Khan (Gen. Secretary) 99488698, Mr. Rajan (manager) 99691457


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