Focal Point


When u are sick, then you realize more how precious health is. While I am writing these words, I am sick. The good thing is that I can recover.  

Worldwide October is the month to talk about cancer awareness. Also Oman goes pink. In “Hi magazine,” in the article ‘Walk of Life’ from Salim Joseph one can read that “breast cancer accounts for 25 percent of all cancers among women.” Further on, the article stated that “The Oman Cancer Association (OCA) wants to raise awareness on all cancers as “the disease remains the most misunderstood in the country….Now a lot of cancers can be prevented and cured if detected early. The OCA concentrates a lot on prevention.” Therefore besides lectures, the OCA organized also “The Walk of Life.”  Muscat and Sur in the north are involved. Next year all the branches of OCA, also Salalah in the south, will do the walk on the same day.

Pink_ribbon (370x599)

The award winning Oman Cancer Association, which celebrate its 10th anniversary, uses mammography technique to detect breast cancer in its early stages. The OCA has also a mobile unit that reaches people in the remote areas of the country.


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