Cultural exchange

Yesterday evening, in the Indian Social Club in Salalah-Dhofar, people of Karnataka, one of the 12 regional linguistic wings of the Club, showcased the cultural richness of their state in south west India. The preparation of the event, all done by local Indians from Salalah, took two months. The maquillage necessary for some of the performances was done by hand and took five till six hours. An expert brought the costumes from Dubai. More than 500 Indians from Karnataka lives in Salalah.   

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Karnataka, divided in thirty political districts, has diverse linguistic and religious ethnicities combined with long histories. It means that the south, the north, the east and the west have their own cultural patterns. During the evening I was invited to walk through the cultural richness of this state. Via dance, music, drama, poetry, rural traditional stories were told. The world was divided in gods and demons. At the end good survives. A dinner with delicious vegetarian Indian food concluded the evening.

DSCN0613 (640x637)DSCN0655 (640x530)DSCN0666 (480x640)

4 thoughts on “Cultural exchange

  1. Indeed, very good coverage of our Event.It is highly appreciable that you being a Foreigner(Belgium) carry a lot of knowlege and passion for Indian Culture.Hats off to you Maria.

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