Focal Point

First time solo

Accountancy is his profession. Photography is already five years his passion. Mohammed Awadh Al-Hadi Ba Omer(AFIAP), who exposed also abroad, won twenty prizes with his landscapes and portraits. For the first time, with 35 works, he went solo in an exhibition in the Photography Society in Salalah. The exhibition was officially opened this morning under the auspices of the Chairman of Dhofar Municipality.

DSCN4359 (334x450) DSCN4371 (336x450)

To make the exhibition clear, the landscapes and the portraits are grouped together. The works have no name and that is good. The visitor can choose himself how to communicate with the picture in front of him. Communication was in the air.

DSCN4320 (450x332) DSCN4351 (450x338) DSCN4376 (450x338) DSCN4325 (338x450) DSCN4349 (329x450)

Most favorite picture for Mohammed is the fisher boy he focused. He was helping his father. The picture won five medals and there is a little story behind it. First father en son asked the photographer to help him carry the fish. “But my hands were full with photo equipment. So I was not able to do. The father went away, the boy isolated in the scenery, looked directly into my lens. It was beautiful. That’s why I took this picture.”

DSCN4336 (450x337)

DSCN4362 (450x338)

“Between Nature and Life,” 1st Solo exhibition of Mohammed Awadh Al –Hadi Ba Omar till the 10th of April in the Photography Society Salalah, in the same building as KFC. For information about the exhibition and other activities: 23299691-Sarah Amer.,,



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