Color exist

With the exhibition ‘Singing Colors,’ till the end of this month to see in ‘Centre Franco-Omanais‘ in Muscat, four Omani artists show their true colors in beautiful paintings.

(Click thumbnails to enlarge the pictures)


As Mayada Reehan, one of the four artist’s, and one of the women portraits in my latest publication, ‘Whispers of Oman,’ stay true to her signature ‘Reflections,’ of light, of colors, mirroring objective facts in subjective worlds of color and movement sensations.

With the luminous works of Raya Al Manji, Saleh Al Alawi, Yousuf Al Nahwi and Mayada Reehan, it becomes clear that color plays an essential part in the way world’s are experienced, in this case, culturally,



‘Singing Colors’ of Oman, till 31.12.2017, Centre Franco-Omanais, Muscat





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