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For the benefit of the students

“Education was my great concern, and I saw that it was necessary to direct efforts to spread education. We have given the Ministry of Education the opportunity and supplied it with our capabilities to break the chains of ignorance. Schools have been opened regardless; the important thing is that there should be education, even under the shadow of the trees.”

Sultan Qaboos speech on the occasion of the 2nd National Day 1972

( In 1970 Sultan Qaboos became the current leader of Oman)

In the meanwhile a lot happened. Even a remote village at the border with Yemen has his own school for 13 students.

DSCN0074 (600x800)

Today, five days of lectures, for the fourth time, organized by the Ministry of Education of Oman, came to an end. In Dhofar, in Salalah, 750 participants, from 150 schools attended the lectures. The event focused on the question how to improve the student relationship so that the students are more draw into the process of learning and are more encouraged in their desire to learn. The participants were divided in three groups; teachers for children from 5 till 12 year, managers and administrative personnel, teachers for children from 1 till 4 year. For this subject and for Dhofar the guest of honor came from Kuwait. One evening was also open for the parents and individuals who were interested.

DSCN0083 (800x600)DSCN0079 (800x600)

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Also in Oman education is more a woman’s matter. Basic primary, for children from 1 till 4 year only counts women. For the remote schools in the desert and the mountains male teachers are involved, mostly from Egyptian and Tunisian origin. And still a lot is moving in the educational world.

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