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Posters with a story

In 2005, ‘Jesus Youth,’ with its beginnings in India and now an International Catholic Movement with charismatic spirituality, moved into Salalah in Dhofar in the South of Oman. Among their major activities belongs also Spiritual Exhibitions. For the first time, yesterday, a three days poster exhibition “Martyrs and Saints” was inaugurated.

DSCN9696 (1024x768)

DSCN0039 (1024x768)

Fifty posters tells stories of the disciples of Jesus, of saints out of the Holy bible, of female martyrs and of younger generations of people who gave their live for humanity or for their beliefs. Thirty people guide the visitors through the exhibition. Every one receives a list with the names of the saints and martyrs exhibited. There one can read the patron saint who matches with the profession you have. Interesting are the eleventh spiritual thoughts put together on a paper. For people who want to reflect or pray, there is a small corner in the room especially designed for this purpose. Besides individuals, the exhibition also focuses on students.

DSCN0050 (1024x768)DSCN0041 (768x1024)

Saint Maxmilian Kolbe is my favorite poster. This man who was dealing with World War Two volunteered to die in place of ten strangers in the death camp of Auschwitz, located in German-occupied Poland. With his behavior he showed that even in worse and brutal situations humanity exists.  

DSCN0045 (768x1024)DSCN0062 (768x1024)

“Martyrs and Saints, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, nearby the Indian and Pakistani school. Thursday the exhibition is open from 7pm till 10.30pm, Friday from 10am till 9pm.

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