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First aid

Yesterday it was World Civil Defence Day. To mark this occasion, Anisa, the only woman in Dhofar who is chairman of the ladies committee of the Al Nasr Sport Club, invited women in the Chamber of Commerce to attend an awareness event about accidents in the household and about first aid. The Public Authority for Civil Defence was guest of honor.

DSCN1090 (640x480)DSCN1087 (640x480)

About 30 women of Salalah were informed about the risks of accidents in the households. 56% of the accidents in the households in Oman are electrical accidents. Preventive solutions and becoming aware how to interact in case of accidents were the goal. In case of emergency people can call 9999.

DSCN1102 (640x480) (640x480)DSCN1104 (640x472)

At the end certificates of gratitude were given to the guests of honor. In the last year 117 events of this kind  and also in schools were organised by the Public Authority for Civil Defence. Examples given by the Public Authority during the event, show that campaigns as this are necessary.

DSCN1107 (640x537)DSCN1108 (570x640)

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