Focal Point

….His Footprints for Life…

Just a few times during Salalah Tourism festivals and during Theatre contests in the Ministry of Heritage and Culture in Dhofar I had the opportunity to meet Omani writer, director and actor Salim Mubarak Al Mukhaini (Bahwan)…who passes away at the age of 53.

Beginning his career in 1990, he acted in more than 30 series, 30 plays and wrote and directed three films. He is considered one of the founders of Omani theatre and is well known in the film world of the Gulf.

His perseverance in what he stands for and his concern for young talent will always stay with me. During one of my flights to the Sultanate of Oman I watched the 72-minute movie ‘Once in a Life Time,’ … a love story of a man from Muscat and an older woman from the hills of Dhofar.  In 2014, the film was Oman’s only entry in the feature category at the Muscat International Film Festival (MIFF). I liked the way how he focused the monsoon landscape, the people and the traditions.  It was also the first Omani film that included Jebali – the language of the hills.

This is my contribution to remember …his footprints for life…


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