Focal Point

Film stars

The Sultanate of Oman has no recorded cinematic history. The country has an extensive and hi-tech cinematic infrastructure. Films from Bollywood as well as Hollywood are screened.The national TV broadcasting company is producing films and won TV film awards. There is the annual Muscat International Film Festival. During the seventh Film Festival (2012) organized by the Oman Film Society (OFS) and the International Film Fraternity of Oman (IFFO) the Sultanate has shown big interest in the film industry. The 2013 edition of Oman Film Meet organized by the OSF will be held in the wilayat of Sohar. The meet is held every two years to promote local talent in film making.

In the south of Oman, in Salalah in the Ministry of Culture and Heritage 92 Dhofaris were trained in several disciplines involved in  filmmaking. Initiator is Mohammed Al-Mardoof, he established ‘Saloon Dhofar Cinema.’ On Wednesday 7th November in the Ministry of Culture and Heritage the diplomas were awarded.  All participants are already looking forward to the next workshops coming up.


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