Yemeni expertise

In Dhofar in the south of Oman, a festival without Oud music is unthinkable. Also for marriages Oud-players are high demanded. A traditional Oud is made from wood and is a pear shaped stringed instrument.

Taqah Festival 2014

Taqah Festival 2014

Marriage Dahariz 2014

Marriage Dahariz 2014

In 2005 the Oud Hobbyist Association of Oman was established. The Association is proudly the only one of its kind in the Arab world. This month the Oud Hobbyist Association of Sultan Qaboos Higher Centre for Arts and Sciences hosted Mr. Ahmed Fathi. Mr. Fathi shared his long term expertise in the area of playing Oud. At the Diwan of the Royal Court’s Oases Club in Azaiba a concert was organized with his own compositions and some from Yemeni’s musical heritage. This prominent musician represents the Yemeni musical school, an important musical school. Besides academic degrees, an honorary doctorate he has also an enriched talent in playing, singing and composing the Hadhrami, San’ai and Adani styles which all go back to the Yemeni school of music which has a great impact on the music in the Gulf.



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