Celebrating National Day (part 2)

Today, Google Doodle celebrates Oman’s 45th National Day. Last week, I had the opportunity to follow a three day workshop and presentation on ‘Arabic Calligraphy,’ conducted by ‘Bait Muzna Gallery’ at the ‘Omani Society for Fine Arts’ in Salalah. The workshop is fitting in the program of the Society regarding the Celebration of the 45th Oman National Day.

Evening Batch .. (1024x765)

Guest of honor, was artist and Arabic Calligraphist ‘Fatma Nadia Rehman.’ Although her paintings have travelled to art galleries and exhibitions in major countries around the world, although many of her works have been acquired by private art collectors and although she has been commissioned to produce artworks for the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, Galleries, Burj Khalifa, governmental organizations and five-star hotels, Fatma Nadia Rehman, native from Pakistan but permanently living in Dubai, stays honest to herself. During the workshop her message for the 25 artists was very clear. To become the artist you want to be, you need to study, you need to learn about techniques, you need to experiment, to dare to think differently, unconventionally, thinking beyond the box. Most of the artists who have already a lot of experiences themselves, told me that she opened their eyes and that somehow, somewhere it will influence their work in the nearby future.

This workshop brought me back to the sculpture of Oman of the artist, Salem Omar Almarhoon where the shape of the country bursts out of the frame and symbolizes the modernization that is still in progress and is done in a friendly way in cooperation with the neighboring countries without being restricted in the own borders.

DSCN5448 (768x1024)

DSCN5450 (1024x768)DSCN5462 (1024x765)

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