Hand gestures and so much more…

In the ´Musee en Piconrue´ in Bastogne, located in the province of Luxembourg-Belgium, “Baroque sculptures” of ´Jean Georges Scholtus,´ an eighteenth century popular master sculptor in the Ardennes are till the 2nd of July on display.

As usual for the Baroque style, also the works of Scholtus show human figures with curled hair, flexibility in the folds of the clothes… dynamic movements caught at the precise moment in which the action is happening…. with most expressive of all, the hand-movements.

As if looking to one big theater scene….

( to enlarge picture click on thumbnail)

“In the theater, pointing gestures connect the actor’s body with the spectators’ minds, and create an illusion of a mind/body connection with the imaginary world of the drama,” says one of the world’s leading performers of Early Music and the most recorded harpist of all time, Andrew Lawrence-King. And this saying is also the case in the Baroque gestures of the sculptures of ´Scholtus.´


We refer to ourselves…

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